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Dear TrendsCE services user, when accessing the websites of this institution it is important to know that you share a lot of information, such information being extremely important for the services provided to be improved, enabling you to have a unique and personalized online experience. Therefore, it is extremely important that you know TrendsCE's privacy policy, enabling you to contribute to the modulation of your experience on the Portal according to your browsing choices.

This TrendsCE privacy policy applies to all services offered and provided, with the exception of those with specific privacy policies.

This TrendsCE privacy policy also does not apply to services and products offered by partner companies arising from advertising or links on the TrendsCE portal, and in such cases it is essential that you, when accessing such publications, look for and read the privacy linked to the content you access.

TrendsCE reserves the right to modify when it wishes its privacy policy to adapt to the expectations of its users, therefore, it is important that you consult our institution's policy regularly and, if you do not agree with the changes made, contact the relationship channels of this institution or discontinue the use of its service.

It is important to know that all the content you access in the TrendsCE services can be personalized, even though TrendsCE also provides you with services and news of general interest. That is, instead of showing the same content to all users, TrendsCE can build a profile based on your application access history, presenting you, in addition to the content and services of general interest, content and services closest to yours. interests. Such a procedure can occur in numerous situations, such as: on the Portal pages, in electronic communications, in advertisements and advertisements presented to you by TrendsCE or by third parties.

In the case of personalized advertisements, if you do not choose to disable cookies or browse anonymously, these will be directed to you, due to products observed in visits to other sites. In this situation, if you are not interested in receiving them, you can disable the advertising banner by clicking on the icon located in the right corner of it. Remember that only personalized advertising will contain this icon and this possibility of disabling.

Personalization is advantageous, as it allows you to provide a platform, which despite containing content of general interest, is modulated in order to get as close as possible to your interests and preferences.

Therefore, for free and conscious browsing about TrendsCE's privacy policy, it is important to note in the following paragraphs the essential information that regulates your relationship with this institution's internet portal, which are:

1. You share TrendsCE with your personal and access information when:

1.1. Through registration creates your own account to browse the TrendsCE Portal;

1.2. Hire the services available on the TrendsCE Portal;

1.3. Complete and send promotional forms available on the TrendsCE Portal;

1.4. Put content and in other situations, you fill out registrations, informing name, address, zip code, registration number with the Taxpayer Registry (CPF), general registration number (RG), telephone number, nationality, financial data, which are stored by TrendsCE;

1.5. When browsing the TrendsCE Portal without disabling cookies, without opting for anonymous browsing, or without having opted out of the data management platform (DMP), you share your application access history with TrendsCE, this being stored through the use of specific technologies for collecting information ("Identifiers Anonymous" and "cookies").

It is important to inform that the informed sharing does not cover the storage of data or personal information about you, such as: name, address, e-mail, among others, but only provides you with an interaction with the website of this institution and services available in it. according to your browsing choices, so that they will shape the services and advertisements offered to you by this institution and / or TrendsCE partners.

Therefore, when accessing the pages of the TrendsCE website and making use of the services of this institution without disabling such technologies ("Anonymous Identifiers", "cookies" or unsubscribing / opt-out from the "DMP"), you expressly choose this type of navigation geared exclusively to your interests and, therefore, authorizes the storage of information through such technologies.

Obs. Dear user, the veracity of the data provided by you is of paramount importance, in view of the fact that through theseTrendsCE will make any contact with you, which makes you responsible for the statements you provide and which may cause harm to TrendsCE, yourself and / or third parties.

2. The information you share with TrendsCE, authorizes and enables the following:

2.1 The information shared with TrendsCE is intended for the management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of the website and the services provided by this institution.

2.2. Considering the possibility for you user to shape your navigation in relation to the data that is relevant to you, the use of information shared with TrendsCE, allows the self-determination of the use of information by you user.

2.3. It authorizes TrendsCE to share the data provided by you with other companies in the TrendsCE group or third party partners, in Brazil or abroad, always respecting the purposes attached to its sharing, being certain that TrendsCE will request your prior consent for this.

2.4. TrendsCE will use your registration data provided through electronic forms made available on its website and services, to better direct you to commercial, advertising or sponsored content on its pages.

2.5. All access information shared by you when visiting the TrendsCE website and stored through "Identifiers Anonymous" or "cookies", will also be used in order to improve the website and the services of this institution, according to your needs. navigation choices, as well as to generate general statistical data for information and commercial purposes. Such information may also be shared with third party partners, however, without revealing names or data of your browsing, in the same way, that if you browse partner websites, your browsing records on these websites will be shared by these partners with TrendsCE.

Note: If there is a formal request by any public authority, you are aware that TrendsCE will forward your personal data, regardless of prior notification.

3. Your options for accessing or storing data through TrendsCE are as follows:

3.1. Dear user, sharing your data is always a choice made by you, so you can disable "cookies" before browsing, perform anonymous browsing or even opt out of the Data Management Platform (DMP) technology used by TrendsCE. However, it is important for you to know that some services may be significantly impaired or even become inaccessible, if you choose not to share your access data or personal information.

3.2. Dear user, the sharing of access information by "Anonymous Identifiers" or "cookies", if not of interest, can be adjusted in the configuration of your browser or your internet access device. However, choosing such a choice, it is important to know that you will need to register again each time you access a service that requires prior registration, since all Anonymous Identifiers (and not just TrendsCE's) will be disabled from your browser. .

3.3. As mentioned, the storage of your data may occur by disabling "cookies", which can limit your browsing; or performing anonymous browsing ("cookies" and "anonymous identifiers" will be deleted after your visit to the site).

3.3.1. Disabling cookies:

The disabling of cookies is done through your browser, in the control provided by your browser over the sharing of information by cookie, therefore, to totally or partially avoid sharing by such technology, you will have to modify the browser settings you use to access the TrendsCE Portal. To do this, check the browser you have chosen for instructions on how to disable cookies.

3.3.2. DMP Opt-Out / Opt-Out

TrendsCE also uses a Data Management Platform (DMP) technology, which makes it possible to collect, aggregate and store data from its users. To disable such technology, or for anonymous browsing, check your browser for instructions.

4. Protection of information

4.1. TrendsCE adopts high levels of data protection security based on the best practices adopted by the market, taking all necessary measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or undue subtraction of your personal data. To this end, some of these means are the security passwords and the encryptions used on their servers and on the data being trafficked.

4.2. Even with all the efforts undertaken by TrendsCE in order to guarantee the security of your data, the use of services and access to Internet content, there are some risks and exposures. Therefore, it is essential that you also do your part, taking the following measures that can reduce the risks involved:

4.2.1. Always update your computer's operating system and antivirus.

4.2.2. Pay extra attention when accessing personal accounts on public or third party computers or networks.

4.2.3. Use the "exit" or "log off" button after completing your navigation.

4.2.4. Never share your password with others.

4.2.5. Create a password that is difficult to guess by combining letters, numbers and special characters.

4.2.6. Avoid using a single password for multiple sites and don't forget to change them periodically or immediately if you suspect that you have been compromised.

Other security measures:

If you share your computer, cell phone, tablet or other means of accessing the TrendsCE Portal, it is very important that you take certain precautions, as your personal information is linked not only to your registration profile, but also to the web browser (browser) used . Therefore, it is suggested to create an account on the device itself (computer, cell phone, tablet) for each user;


Messages sent by e-mail will have the option to cancel sending. If you receive any promotion identified as being from TrendsCE, or from TrendsCE partners, and have doubts about its veracity, you can consult TrendsCE, on the page: (...).

TrendsCE will use all possible means to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data, such information being incorporated into its database, being stored at its headquarters, restricted only to employees and authorized persons.

Your data will never be transferred by TrendsCE to third parties other than your partners or contracted companies for the purposes described in this privacy policy, without you, the user, having previously authorized it, except in cases of judicial decision or other determined legal measures. They will also never be used for any purpose other than the reason for their collection. If they are improperly used, under the terms of the current law, those responsible are subject to appropriate judicial and administrative sanctions.

If there is a change in any item of this privacy policy, all registered readers will be notified, and the new text will be published on this page.

This policy applies only to sites belonging to the TrendsCE Portal.


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