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21/10/2020, 17:16

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State Innovation Index points out that Ceará has room for growth

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Produced by the Federation of Industries of Ceará, a study shows that the State's capacity is greater than its performance; indicators can be improved

O Ceará is among the 10 states with the best rates in terms of efficiency, transparency and balance of institutionsaccording to the State Innovation Index produced by the Federation of Industries of the State of Ceará (Fiec) and launched this October. Occupying 2nd place in the Northeast, second only to Piauí, and 6th place in Brazil, Ceará had highlight in the items evaluated for the construction of the ranking: legal agility, transparency and fiscal health of public accounts.

According to Fiec, institutions are defined in two categories, formal ones (rules, laws and public governance) and informal ones (norms of behavior, conventions and private governance), both of which are determinants for several economic aspects. And they are also essential in building an innovative state. As highlighted in the document's introduction, “Innovation is a recurring theme in economic literature, whether in the reports of the World Bank, World Economic Forum or United Nations. It has already become one of the pillars of any discussion on development ”.

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Governor Camilo Santana (PT) had already mentioned the “strong” fiscal rigor to increase investment capacity in Ceará. In an interview with TrendsCE, Santana stated that “for at least 4 years [the State] has been at the top of the public transparency and investment rankings in relation to the current net revenue in Brazil”.

But Institutions is just one of many categories evaluated by the Index - and that can be improved. Insertion of Masters and Doctors in Industry, Quality of Post-Graduation, Public Investment Science and Technology and Quality of Graduation place Ceará in 11th place in the ranking in relation to the Capacity of the states.

Scientific Production, Technological Intensity of the Productive Structure, Infrastructure for Innovation, Intellectual Property and Global Competitiveness in Technological Sectors place Ceará in 13th in terms of Results.

“Ceará currently occupies the 13th place, the same position when compared to the same parameters for the previous year. It is the 3rd among the northeastern states, behind only Pernambuco (11th) and Paraíba (12th). In Capacities, the Ceará is in 11th place, while in the Results it is in 13th place. This discrepancy demonstrates an idle aptitude - that is, a capacity greater than its real performance - and which could be better used for the effectiveness of innovation.”, Emphasizes Fiec in the study.

Researcher Eduarda Mendonça, from the Fiec System Industry Observatory, presents three pillars that could contribute for the State's product to accompany its capacity.

“In terms of capacity, one of the things that can be improved is in relation to human capital at the undergraduate level. This indicator basically reflects the number of people trained in technological courses and the quality of these courses ”.

Eduarda Mendonça, researcher at the Fiec System Industry Observatory

The second suggestion, she points out, would be to increase the amount of intellectual property, with regard to the results achieved by Ceará. "That is, increase the registration of patents." Another point that needs to be optimized, according to the researcher, is the diversification of the state's technological export agenda. “It is still very concentrated on specific products. The technological export agenda is the indicator of global competitiveness. It is about the diversification of this agenda and its participation in relation to the total ”.

The Innovation Index of the States is in its second edition - the first was in 2018. “The idea is to launch it every year so that we are always mapping these elements that we list as main, precisely for the states to know how they are compared to the others, what are their bottlenecks, ”said Mendonça.

'Ceará solutions must come from knowledge', says Maia Júnior

The Secretary of Economic Development and Labor of Ceará (Sedet), Maia Júnior, affirms that, since his performance in the Secretariat of Planning and Management (Seplag), where he remained between 2017 and 2018, he has been showing the importance of redirecting the State to issues innovation, science and technology.

“We made several interventions, from increasing spending on science and technology to showing universities a redefinition of their importance for economic development, for a triad of effort that would unite government, private companies and academia to give Ceará a better level. Ceará's solutions must come from knowledge ”.

Maia Júnior, Secretary of Economic Development and Labor of Ceará

The Sedet holder emphasizes, however, the need to rethink a better use of the existing potential in Ceará. “It is not easy to set up a network of universities and training structure as Ceará set up in recent years. This is a predicate of what we have today for the future. If we want to have competitive companies, with global insertion, that are able to export their production, we have to rethink and adhere to this transformation action through a knowledge economy ”.

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