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16/10/2020, 15:26

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Hitendra Patel: 'Innovation doesn't have to be big and disruptive'

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In a webinar, IXL Center's global CEO highlights the advancement of digital in business models and points out TrendsCE as an important driver of Ceará at the center of the innovation ecosystem

Innovation is in the little things. The maxim was reinforced in the speech by IXL Center global CEO Hitendra Patel, in short webinar published by TrendsCE last Thursday (15). For the global theme guru, the best solutions are available to companies in their own routines and became more evident in the global crisis environment caused by the pandemic. In the video, he also highlighted the remarkable performance of the Ceará multiplatform that links investors to opportunities in a new digital business landscape.

"Innovation does not have to be something big and disruptive, they can arise in small things to be added to the system", comments Patel, to then exemplify how the flow can take place in a situation that became commonplace after the arrival of Covid-19 and its new challenges. “How difficult is it to find a partner like Uber, UberEats or someone who can help you with delivery services? All you need is to find delivery solutions. The good news is that nowadays it is possible to find partners to solve any problem. You don't have to be creative to find solutions for them, ”he says.

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When speaking about the challenges imposed by the crisis of the last months, the CEO of IXL Center recalls that the positive side that emerges from this may be the realization of a trend that seemed to be constantly postponed: the digital as a guide for business. And this is for now:

“We had never heard of Zoom. Today, it is everywhere. Every teacher around the world is using to teach. This happened because we were obliged. We are finally ready to use digital. Any tool that helps you get the job done better, faster and cheaper is very valuable. Restaurants are looking for payment software where they can leave an online menu, capable of allowing reservations. Barber shops, beauty salons and manicurists are looking for ways to schedule, ”he points out.

Importance of TrendsCE

Patel took the opportunity to talk about the importance of TrendsCE, which, for him, is more than connected with this decisive moment for the readjustment of business models.

“We know that today the world is flat, the distance between two cities is getting closer and closer. What Ceará has been able to do, better and faster than anywhere in Brazil or South America, is to be able to connect with intellectual capital, ideas, people and projects and everything that forms a vibrant ecosystem. For Ceará to be at the center of the innovation ecosystem, it needs to connect. And that is what TrendsCE will do ”, he concludes.

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