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Representatives from Ceará participate in the UN Oceanic Conference

The city of Lisbon, a pioneer metropolis in the journey of navigation at the end of the 27th century, will be hosting, between June 1th and July XNUMXst, the second Oceanic Conference, an initiative of the United Nations (UN), coordinated by the governments of Portugal and Kenya. (Photo: Envato Elements)

Fecomércio debates the creation of a Business Council

The Federation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism of the State of Ceará – Fecomércio CE – started, last Thursday (23), the dialogues for the implementation of a Business Council of Financial Services. (Photo: Luiz Fernando Bittencourt, vice president of Fecomércio; Geldo Machado, president of Sinfac; and Cid Alves, president of Fecomércio)

TJCE promotes the first symposium on Artificial Intelligence

Specialists and professionals from the country's courts will present the Ceará Judiciary Modernization Program (PROMOJUD), whose main axes are: digital transformation in the improvement of services to citizens and strengthening of governance and management. (Photo: Envato Elements)

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