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Events and tourism await sanction of federal recovery plan

Emergency Program for the Resumption of the Events Sector, which aims to compensate for losses caused by the pandemic, was approved by Congress and now depends only on presidential sanction. In Ceará, the sector sees the program as fundamental for companies at this time of crisis. (Photo: Freepik)

'Figital' strategy and the impact of hybrid spaces on the market

The pandemic was one of the factors that drove and made the concept of figital even more effervescent. So much so that the need to be present in digital has gained the attention of companies that saw it as an opportunity to strengthen themselves in the market. (Photo: Freepik)

Trademark registration: the risks of an unprotected company

Investing in trademark registration avoids financial risks and is essential for an enterprise to be even more successful in its trajectory. In 2020, approximately 261 thousand trademark applications were filed with the INPI throughout Brazil. Ceará held only 2,17% of the total orders registered.

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